Robotech Live Action Movie Skecth found on Youtube. Is it real or just a fan art?

My Next Macross Figurine

The pilot can exit from VF-1D head just like the anime series, coollah!!! (pic from lowyat forum)

The previous post, i show you my VF-1J (Hikaru) from Yamato. The coolest thing that i ever have in my collection. My next target are VF-1S (Roy Focker) & VF-1D. I hope that i will get it someday...someday!

Robotech Live-Action Movie Coming In 2010

Robotech movie will hit you in theaters soon with Tobey Maguire as a producer and actor. With the huge of Michael Bay’s Transformers, Hollywood seems to be leaning towards turning more 80’s cartoons into movies; among them Voltron, G.I. Joe and now Robotech. I will wait & see.

Tobey is Rick Hunter?

We can see a giant robot?

Who will be the actor/actress for this character?

Sebenarnya penulis kurang bersetuju dengan pembikinan filem ini kerana biarlah ketulinan anime 'Macross' itu terpelihara. Jangan jadi seperti Transformers movie yang banyak berubah dari cerita asal. Hidup Macross!

Macross vs Robotech

People may ask what a different between Macross & Robotech?

SUPER DIMENSION FORTRESS MACROSS was made a little before 1982 and was released in 1982 as a TV series in Japan. The overall popularity that MACROSS received from the Japanese audience was so astounding that the creators of the series decided to make a movie rather than another series. In 1984, MACROSS: DO YOU REMEMBER LOVE opened in theaters all across Japan. It has the the same basic plot as the series, but with more visual pizzazz.

ROBOTECH is composed of three different series which have absolutely no connections to each other. Carl Macek bought the rights to these three series and with his team of helpers, got these three series to be combined into one story which was called ROBOTECH. The first is MACROSS as all you guys should know by now. Carl Macek massively edited the series to fit his need but still kept to the main story line that the Japanese creators made. The other two series that was part of ROBOTECH was great if their true stories were told rather than being part of the Macross saga which everyone who talks about this seems to like.

From a posting by Kong Chung-Lin Chang. Taken from HERE

You also can read more about Macross & Robotech HERE

Complete Set Of Valkyrie!

One of my dream...

Nice collection! Taken from SGCollect forum.

My New Figurine!

My new love have arrived! RM420 from internet.

My VF-1A Valkyrie (Pilot by Hikaru Ichijyo)

This is my 1/144 Chara-Works Valkyrie Model. This Variable Fighter are taken from Macross Do You Remember Love movie and only in fighter mode.